10 Benefits of Accurate Data

  1. Eliminate prospecting for your sales people
  2. Sales people can immediately set up meetings with qualified buyers
  3. Immediately increases your ROI on your sales people
  4. Allows you to keep your sales people accountable because you can measure them against a qualified list
  5. Allows you to keep your sales people longer because they are not being burned out doing research
  6. Allows you to measure your market penetration against “connected” accounts
  7. Saves time scheduling meetings
  8. Easily penetrate the RIA Channel (because you have the right contact info)
  9. Your sales people can build a larger prospect list, which builds a bigger pipeline
  10. Raise more money because you are doing more meetings and building a bigger pipeline.


Success in raising money all comes down to your data: accurate, qualified and up-to-date Data. Discover what Draft Data can do for your business. The better your data, the more meetings you can set up and the bigger pipeline you can create.